Established over 70 years ago, Cepillos El Castor is a company dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of brushes, brooms, mops and all kinds of specialized tools for professional and industrial cleaning. Pioneer in the manufacture of specialized brushes for the industry, we have always been concerned with developing cutting-edge products that, over time and continuous technological innovations, consolidate us today as absolute LEADER in the Mexican market and with a strong presence throughout the American continent.


It was in 1940 when, in Mexico City, our history began. Then, in a small workshop we started, with completely manual processes, the manufacture and repair of industrial brushes. In 1968, with the move to the city of Guadalajara, a stage of development and complete transformation began: from a small brush workshop we evolved into a well-established company that already offered a wide range of professional cleaning tools. With the passing of time, we have grown to more than 1,500 different products that currently make up our catalog... and we continue to grow.


With an area of ​​25,000 square meters, our facilities house various automated manufacturing processes with state-of-the-art technology and qualified personnel, which allows us the appropriate production capacity to meet the growing demand for our products and positions us as the largest manufacturer of industrial brushes in Latin America and one of the largest worldwide.



We owe the foundation of our company to special brushes for industrial applications. Products that we continue to manufacture today. With the experience of more than 70 years and an innovative approach, we work meticulously to develop the right brush for your particular requirements, from one piece or in large quantities, which consolidates us as the most advanced company in this field in Latin America.


For the professional maintenance of all kinds of floors, we have developed a complete line of circular brushes and their accessories, compatible with any floor polishing or scrubbing machine available in the market. Our circular brushes have a structural plastic BLOCK, are perfectly balanced and have a liquid flow system that favors a better distribution of the chemical products.


Concerned about satisfying the high hygiene demands that some companies require, we have developed a whole range of products manufactured with the appropriate materials and approved to be in direct contact with food without contaminating them. Available in different colors, these products make it possible to implement area coding systems, thus avoiding cross contamination between different work areas. This method is widely used in Europe and the United States and is becoming an essential global standard.


For the daily professional cleaning of any floor, we have a wide range of MOP and MOPS, made with state-of-the-art automated processes and available in a wide range of materials and costs: from the most specialized, professional and long-lasting option, to the most affordable alternative on the market.


With the same high quality, we have an extensive family of products for all kinds of professional cleaning jobs: Car and truck cleaning. Window cleaning. Cleaning of all types of surfaces. Sweeping and scrubbing of all types of floors. Cleaning at great heights.


According to our philosophy of offering you only the best and as a complement to our entire range of manufactured products, we have established important distribution agreements for Mexico and Latin America with companies whose brands are a worldwide reference in professional cleaning. With this extensive product portfolio, Cepillos El Castor is a company that offers world-class solutions for a wide range of professional cleaning tasks. Our task is not finished yet and we continue working on the constant development of new alternatives.